FHatBookstoreA child of the textile mill-village south, Frank grew up in Massey Hill, at the most southern edge of Fayetteville, North Carolina. His father worked at the same job for more than forty years. Frank is a lifelong story-teller, student, and reader.

Frank Howard’s non-fiction credits include business profiles, interviews, outdoor essays, and biographies in Carolina Business and New East magazines. His fiction has appeared as outdoor humor in Southern Outdoors, and well over a hundred short stories about fictional Easy Cross, North Carolina. His op-ed series “The Nash Rambler” appeared in small North Carolina weeklies in 1985 and 1986. He wrote and co-produced a radio series, Inklings of Spirituality, with Rev. Dr. Robert Salzgeber in 1997 and 1998 and was a lecturer on C. S. Lewis in Paul Wilkes’s Spiritual Masters II series in 2002. He has written and studied poetry since 1965.

He has authored end-user software manuals, several brief handbooks for small-business system management, and a number of sales training classes and brief how-to guides for small business.

His formal education includes the BFA in Creative Writing from UNC in Wilmington, NC, an MA, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Liberal Studies.
He has studied fiction writing under Clyde Edgerton, Wendy Brenner, Rebecca Lee, and Stan Colbert; his non-fiction mentors include Philip Gerard, Paul Wilkes, Tim Bass, Philip Furia, and Brad Land. Howard has also studied poetry under Lavonne Adams, Michael White, and Mark Cox. He studied desktop publishing and page layout under Diana Ashe.

Howard has worked as a newspaper sportswriter, waiter and busboy, textile laborer, bill collector, auto repossession agent, construction estimator, disk jockey, and public safety telecommunicator. His sales careers include cars, mobile homes, tires and appliances, computer systems, agricultural equipment, and nearly ten years in factory-direct capital sales for Motorola. His free-lance computer and small business support career spans over 20 years.

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